About Us

This website has been created by crew, for crew. It’s completely free and simply designed to make life a lot easier for any member of air or ground crew looking for suitable accommodation. If you’ve gone from living in a house full of ‘9-5ers’ to sharing a house with other airline crew or people that do similar hours, you’ll have seen for yourself how much easier it makes life. From improved sleep, to just having people there during mid week days off, there are a multitude of benefits to living with other crew members. Unfortunately the current way of finding or advertising rooms suitable for crew involved trawling through various forums, facebook pages, crew room notices, word of mouth, and different websites such as spareroom.

AirCrewAccommodation is designed to bring all of these into one single place, making life easier for all involved in the process. Our aim is for this website to become the first thing that comes to mind when crew are either looking for new accommodation, or wanting to advertise a current house or room.

We welcome live in + live out landlords, as well as property companies to advertise on this page as the more accommodation that is on here, the better selection there will be for people to choose from and be able to find somewhere that’s really suited to them. The ability to advertise a “personal profile” when in need of a room, means other people can get in contact with you. Be this someone who has accommodation for rent, or someone else looking for accommodation that may wish to pair up and get a 2 bed flat.

This site is brand new so there may not be much traffic initially but please feel free to give it a kickstart by advertising your profiles or suitable accommodation! The main method of getting this website out there is word of mouth so we would be very grateful if you could point any colleagues after accommodation/with rooms to rent in this direction!


The ACA Team